Garrett CSI Pro™ Evidence Recovery Metal Detector

Garrett CSI Pro™ Evidence Recovery Metal Detector

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All terrain versatility and unmatched performance for metallic crime scene evidence recovery
1140750 (detector only)
1140780 (Recovery Kit)
$749.95 (U.S.)

MS-2 Headphones

Volume control to enhance weak signals. Comfortable headband and ear cushions.

$59.95 value!
Fast recovery speed, target separation, and detection depth. Submersible to
10 feet
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CSI Pro™ Iron Audio
Hear the iron trash before you dig it!

Iron Audio allows you to hear discriminated iron (normally silenced) to avoid digging undesired flat iron targets such as bottle caps or washers.

NOTE: To use the Iron Audio feature, some degree of Iron Discrimination must be set. In this demonstration, the Iron Discrim setting is at 35. Without Iron Audio, both the bottle cap and silver coin sound like good targets. With the Iron Audio, the bottle cap response includes iron “grunts” to indicate this might be a trash target.
Proportional Audio Feature
The CSI Pro™ features advanced, proportional (Pro) audio modes. This allows the user to hear subtle changes in a target’s response. Proportional audio also helps the user to better judge a target’s size, shape and depth and has the additional benefit of a much faster recovery time when detecting adjacent targets.

The CSI Pro™ also includes three Standard audio modes, which provide a full-strength beep regardless of a target’s amplitude. Many detectorists prefer this simpler, binary (either on or off) target response.
CSI Pro™ Additional Features
High-Res Iron Discrim
40 levels of iron discrimination provide the fine resolution needed to separate a good target from iron trash
Fast Track™ Ground balance
Automatic feature that allows the user to quickly ground balance the detector in mineralized soil conditions.
Numeric identification scale from 0 to 99. Identifies a target metal’s conductivity.
这非motion All-Metal Mode function is used to precisely locate a detected target’s position.